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Англійські цитати про життя

  • We don’t see things the way they are. We see them the way we are.

  • Life is like photography. You need the negatives to develop.

  • Everyone is the creator of one’s own fate.

  • Do not squander time – this is stuff life is made of.

  • We do not remember days, we remember moments.

  • Don’t let your mind kill your heart and soul.

  • Life isn’t about waiting the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain!

  • Be careful with your thoughts – they are the beginning of deeds.

  • Life is like a book. Some chapters are sad, some are happy and some are exciting, but if you never turn the page, you will never know that the next chapter has in store for you.

  • Everyone has one’s own path.

  • Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people (Eleanor Roosevelt)

  • The hardest walk is walking alone, but it`s also the walk that makes you the strongest.

  • It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the most one responsive to change (Charles Darwin)

  • World belongs to the patient.

  • The life in front of you is way more important than the life behind you.

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