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Привітання з Новим роком 2022 англійською

Побажання - New Year wishes

  • In 2022, I wish you many smiles to chase away sadness, the will to break all obstacles, confidence to remove doubts, health to chew life to the fullest, Happy New Year 2022.

  • I wish you that the year that now begins is full of joys, health and satisfaction. Happy New Year!

  • I wish you a wonderful new year full of plenty, joy and moments of treasure. May 2022 is still your best year!

  • I hope your life will be full of surprise and joy in the new year that’s about to begin. May You be blessed with everything you want in life. Happy New Year to you!

  • May in this new year you have a hundred reasons to laugh, a dream to live for, a thousand joys to enjoy and no reason to suffer. Congratulations!

  • May the Lord bless you and protect you! May the Lord look on you with kindness! and may He be gracious to you! May the Lord watch over you and grant you peace!, Happy New Year!

  • May the rain of happiness catch you with a broken umbrella, drench you and splash everyone around you. Happy 2022!

  • Brilliant and happy new year …For 2022 I wish you days full of joy, nights full of comfort and gentleness and a life of happiness. May your year be bright and happy!

  • Let’s join our glasses to toast love and peace throughout the world. A sincere wish for a better year. Happy New Year 2022.

  • Tonight there will be a star that will shine more than the others. In it I have put all my good wishes to wish you a happy 2022, let’s make it shine all year long. Happy New Year sweetheart!

  • New Year is not just about altering the dates; it’s about altering the direction. May the year be full of cheer and joy!

  • May every moment in your life be a blessing. May you be showered with love and care. Happy New Year 2022 Wishes to you!

  • I Wish in this New Year God gives you 12 Months of Happiness, 52 weeks of Fun, 365 Days of Success, 8760 Hours of Good Health, 525600 Minutes of Love, 31536000 Seconds of Joy! Wish You Happy New Year 2022!

  • Years are coming and going but this year I wish you a great deal of love, double your health and happiness. Happy Year!

  • Together let us celebrate the joy awakened in all the hearts of Christians by the coming of the Son of God. Happy New Year & Merry Christmas!

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